98,6 x 95,6 mm

95,5 x 95,7 mm

77,2 x 99,4 mm
Price $25.00 Price $25.00

Click on the picture below to download this design and try how the parrots stitch out.

50,3 x 99,7 mm   *   84,5 x 167,3 mm

As the beauty of this parrot shows best in larger size but many of you (including me) don't have large hoops, I have decided to give this design in two sizes for the price of one. You will receive the parrot in large size both in one file for large hoop and also splitted into two files fitting 10x10 cm hoop.

In case you are not sure if you'd be able to join both parts of the design correctly, download the free sample budgie design which comes splitted into two sizes too and try the joining by your own before you purchase the design.